MTG seeks to improve format via Pauper panel

A panel of seven has been formed.

Image via WotC

A new Magic: The Gathering Pauper Format Panel was announced today by senior game designer Gavin Verhey, seeking to improve the format through a team of seven. 

Pauper is a unique MTG format that contains only Common rarity cards from every set that’s been released in Magic. Similar to most formats, players can have up to four copies of a card within a 60-card deck and up to 15 cards within the sideboard when applicable. Certain cards are banned from the format, with a total of 22 having been hit with a ban so far. 

Due to a lack of expertise from the Wizards of the Coast competitive play design team, according to Verhey, an issue came about where “the people who normally ban cards aren’t the ones who have the time and expertise to craft Pauper in the way Pauper players would really appreciate.” To overcome the challenges surrounding the MTG Pauper format, a team of seven called the Pauper Format Panel (PFP) was revealed today by Verhey. 

The panel consists of Verhey, Mirco Ciavatta, Emma Partlow, Ryuji Saito, Paige Smith, Alex Ullman, and Alexandre Weber. From professional Magic players to strategists and writers, the seven PFP team members will make ban suggestions when necessary, followed by Verhey taking those suggestions to WotC teams.

No changes were announced today for the MTG Pauper format, but players can “expect to hear more soon,” likely after previews for the upcoming Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set, according to Verhey.