MTG Kaldheim spoilers reveal cast for free Enchantment, In Search of Greatness

It’s not broken but has potential.

Kaldheim Magic The Gathering
Image via Wotc Magic: the Gathering

Argentina streamer Duende revealed In Search of Greatness today, a Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Enchantment that can enable players to cast a card for free.

Launching digitally at the end of the month, Kaldheim is a Viking-themed Standard-legal set featuring a new plane with 10 realms. Similar to previous MTG cards, like Aether Vial and Fires of Invention, In Search of Greatness was revealed during today’s KHM spoilers

In Search of Greatness
Image via WotC

Here’s a rough and unconfirmed translation of In Search of Greatness:

  • CMC: (GG)
  • Type: Enchantment
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Ability: At the beginning of your upkeep, you may cast a permanent spell from your hand with mana cost equal to one plus the highest converted mana cost among permanent you control without paying the spell’s mana cost. If you don’t, Scry one. 

Fires of Invention was banned from Standard and Historic last July for allowing players to cast spells for free without regard for color. In Search of Greatness has a similar ability but requires players to have a board state to reap the “cast for free” benefits. The two-drop Enchantment also allows a player to Scry for one if the first part of the ability strikes out. 

In Search of Greatness has potential within a number of MTG formats but isn’t likely broken in the ways that Fires of Invention was within the Standard format. The text “mana cost equal to one plus the highest converted mana cost” provides restrictions that Fires didn’t have. If a player has In Search of Greatness on the board and a permanent with two CMC but only a two CMC and four CMC permanents in hand, the ability whiffs. 

Players can test In Search of Greatness when it releases digitally on Jan. 28. The official tabletop release of KHM is scheduled to take place on Feb. 5.