MTG reveals 10 realms and creature types of Kaldheim

Dive into the realms of the World Tree.

Kaldheim MTG World Tree
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast kicked off the official Kaldheim spoiler season today, revealing a total of 10 realms and creature types for the Magic: The Gathering plane. 

The plane of Kaldheim is a Viking and Norse-themed world featured in the upcoming Standard-legal KHM set, scheduled to release digitally on Jan. 28. WotC senior art director Cynthia Sheppard unveiled a total of 10 realms and creatures types within the Kaldheim plane via the KHM spoiler Twitch stream today. Each realm contains a different creature type that’s tied to a dual-color pair.

Screengrab via MTG Twitch
  • Axgard: Dwarves (RW)
  • Bretagard: Humans (GW)
  • Gnottyold: Trolls (RG)
  • Immersturm: Demons (BR)
  • Istfell: Spirits (WU)
  • Karfell: Draugr (UB undead Viking zombies)
  • Littjara: Shapeshifters (GU)
  • Skemfar: Elves (BG Wood and Shadow Elves)
  • Starnheim: Valkyries (WB)
  • Surtland: Giants (UR Fire and Frost Giants)
Screengrab via MTG Twitch

Kaldeim is “centered around a cosmic World Tree,” according to Sheppard. Each realm functions like a bunch of “mini multiverses” connected to the World Tree similar to “fruit” hanging from branches. Creatures within each realm can see the World Tree and realms can interact with one another via the Doomscar. Each of the realms is “constantly moving and shifting around the World Tree,” according to Sheppard, and can collide in an event called the Doomscar. 

Conflicts can (and often do) occur within each realm. There are five clans of humans within the Bretagard realm: Beskir, Omenseekers, Skelle, Tuskeri, and Kannah. Each clan is “perpetually in conflict with one another,” but peace is maintained “by the Code of Clans that is enforced by the Beskir,” Sheppard said. The Elves were “once Gods that were defeated a long time ago,” creating Wood and Shadow Elves clans. 

The new MTG set, KHM, has a digital launch date scheduled for Jan. 28 via Magic Arena and Magic Online. An official tabletop release will take place on Feb. 5.