MTG Arena Patch 2022.14, March 17: Full notes and updates

Base Arena cards are no longer legal in Standard best-of-one.

Image via WotC

Over 25 new digital-only cards were added to MTG Arena via Patch 2022.14 with the release of the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Alchemy, along with the removal of Arena-only cards from the best-of-one Standard format. 

Patch 2022.14 released the second Alchemy expansion of the year, containing over 25 digital-only cards that are playable within the Alchemy and Historic formats on MTG Arena. Several new cards like Consuming Oni, Forgeborn Phoenix, and Bellwsbreath Ogre have the potential to impact the meta within both formats. Upgrades were applied to the MTG Arena play blade, new events were scheduled, and WotC changed what cards are legal to play in best-of-one Standard. 

Here are the MTG Arena 2022.14 patch notes for March 17, released by WotC

MTG Arena best-of-one Standard rule change

Image via WotC

A legality change toward cards playable within the best-of-one Standard format went into effect on March 17. Players may have to adjust their best-of-one Standard decks because the original Arena digital-only cards, prior to the release of Alchemy expansion sets, are no longer legal to play.  

“Cards from the Arena Base set are no longer legal in best-of-one Standard,” WotC said

A change was also made to Mono-Colored NPE decks, adjusting them for legal play within the Alchemy format. 

MTG Arena play blade changes

Image via WotC

A handful of changes were applied to the play blade within MTG Arena via Patch 2022.14. The largest change was the addition of filters that were added to the play blade. Players can now see tabs for all events, in-progress events, new events, Limited events, and Constructed events. 

Little details like “Ranked” and “Play” were added to the names of queues and the scrolling speed was fixed within the events tab. Other changes included a tab that will show the player’s last four modes that were played, along with the ability to create a new deck while in the play blade and selecting a deck to compete with. 

All MTG Arena changes

Image via WotC

Packs within the Pack tab from now on will get sorted from newest to oldest, according to the release date of the booster pack. Buttons were added to Town-Razer Tyrant, giving players the clear option to chose either “Take two damage” or “Sacrifice.” Players can now save and edit Limited decks within the deck builder and Limited builds played within Direct Challenge will automatically default to 17 lands instead of the previous 24. There are also new codes for the search bar. 

  • eY22-NEO and eY22-MID: To search for digital-only Alchemy cards from the Innistrad and Neon Dynasty expansions. 

MTG Arena store

Image via WotC

A total of seven new MTG Arena bundles were added to the store with the release of Neon Dynasty: A22

Tamiyo Compleat bundle

The Tamiyo Compeleat bundle is priced at 1,050 gems or 5,250 gold. 

  • Tamiyo, Compleated Sage avatar
  • Tamiyo, Compleated Sage Phyrexian card style
  • Tamiyo Disconnect sticker

Koi Pet bundle

The Koi Pet bundle is priced at 3,000 gems or 15,000 gold. 

  • Folded Koi pet
  • Living Breakthrough sleeve

Spirited Companion pet bundle

The Spirited Companion pet bundle has a cost of 3,000 gems or 15,000 gold. 

  • Spirited Companion pet
  • Spirited Companion sleeve

Armory Raid bundle

Containing a total of eight depth art card styles, the Armory Raid bundle is priced at 3,500 gems or 17,500 gold. 

  • Junkyard Scrapper depth art card style
  • Artillery Enthusiast depth art card style
  • Forgeborn Phoenix depth art card style
  • Foundry Beetle depth art card style
  • Inchblade Companion depth art card style
  • Semblance Scanner depth art card style
  • Dragonfly Pilotdepth art card style
  • Experimental Pilotdepth art card style

Undercity Bargains bundle

The Undercity Bargains bundle contains a total of eight depth art card styles, priced at 3,700 gems or 19,000 gold. 

  • Better Offer depth art card style
  • Undercity Plunder depth art card style
  • Futurist Spellthief depth art card style
  • Molten Impact depth art card style
  • Painful Bond depth art card style
  • Fragment Reality depth art card style
  • Runaway Growth depth art card style
  • Soul Servitude depth art card style

Martial Code bundle

A total of seven depth art card styles are in the Martial Code bundle, priced at 3,700 gems or 18,500 gold. 

  • Chronicler of Worshipdepth art card style
  • Jukai Liberator depth art card style
  • Saiba Syphonerdepth art card style
  • Swarm Saboteur depth art card style
  • Holographic Double depth art card style
  • Imperial Blademaster depth art card style
  • Mothrider Cavalry depth art card style

Spirit of Resistance bundle

The Spirit of Resistance bundle contains a total of seven depth art card styles, priced at 3,500 gems or 17,500 gold. 

  • Bellowsbreath Ogre depth art card style
  • Boseiju Pathlighterdepth art card style
  • Consuming Oni depth art card style
  • Forceful Cultivator depth art card style
  • Kami of Bamboo Groves depth art card style
  • Kami of Mourning depth art card style
  • Kami of Transmutation depth art card style

Bug fixes

Image via Lunaurum Art and WotC

Over a dozen bug fixes and gameplay issues were resolved within the 2022.14 MTG Arena patch. 

  • A bug that caused daily and weekly wins to show up visually has been resolved
  • Neon card styles causing difficulty in reading text or stats was resolved
  • The Last Played tab will now properly update when a player leaves during the draft queue or drafting process.
  • The Red and Green deck from the color challenge will now display correctly
  • The VOW mastery bat pet now has a properly working sleep cycle
  • Matchmaking tips have been updated for mobile
  • Mobile players no longer have to tap twice to flip an individual card reward
  • Six and 15-packs of IKO will only appear once
  • Targets of Shatterskull Smashing will no longer get treated as invalid due to other effects and spells
  • DFC’s in spellbooks will now properly transform
  • Players can now cast Tamiyo, Coimpleated Sage with the hybrid U when on one life point remaining. 
  • Text on Day or Night cards are now always in the color White
  • Dracula lands will no longer lose their art when turned into a creature
  • Attachments leaving the battlefield no longer visually unattach before leaving
  • An issue where Tainted Pact was a card that could get cast from Lier via Flashback was resolved
  • Futurist Operative will no longer be a blockable 1/1 when Yamiyo’s Compleation is removed
  • Adamant castings of Once and Future will now return a card to your library
  • Lin Sash’s reconfigure options are in the proper order now
  • Title and card types for Kaidring are now readable
  • A VFX bug for Seismic Wave was resolved
  • Artist names will no longer mash into power and toughness stats on card styles
  • Visual errors on Mystical Archive cards Conjured by cards that have the depth art card style has been resolved
  • Arlinn, Pack’s Hope plus-one ability will no longer create two mini-CDC’s
  • Ishin will no longer create an extra Exert trigger
  • The Invoke Calamity mini-CDC now goes away correctly
  • Split cards will no longer have incorrect mana costs displayed
  • Fully leveled Rogue Class bugs have now been resolved