MTG Arena June 2 patch notes: Full notes and updates

Summer starts with new cards and events.

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An update to Magic: The Gathering Arena via Patch 2022.16 marked the release of the Alchemy: New Capenna expansion, along with cosmetic and gameplay updates. 

A total of 30 new digital-only cards were released via Patch 2022.16 on June 2 as the third Alchemy expansion to get added to MTG Arena since the launch of the format. Two events marked the launch of the Alchemy: New Capenna expansion, along with a code for three free booster packs. All events taking place during the month of June via MTG Arena can be found here

Several expected updates also took place within Patch 2022.16, from starter decks having their own folder in the deck builder to rebalanced Alchemy cards automatically getting swapped within existing decks that players have crafted. All rebalanced Arena cards will now have the Alchemy logo as opposed to the Arena logo, and players now have a back button within the events Play tab. 

Patch 20222.16 MTG Arena gameplay changes

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A rules change was applied to Brawl Commander, allowing players to choose to remove all perpetual effects from a commander upon returning to the command zone. If choosing to remove the effects, it is all or nothing. Multiple other changes were also made, from a positioning and style change to Craft All and Delete buttons on the Decks screen to players being able to purchase any type of booster pack with either gold or gems. 

  • The banned list hover text located in the deck builder will only show formats in active events.
  • Players can access The Vault via the wildcards pop up.
  • Hangers were added that contain details regarding perpetually lost abilities.
  • Updates to the Autotap regarding Halo Fountain.
  • Code was adjusted for paying costs out of order. An example of this is that players can now animate a Halo Fountain, tap it, then activate one of its abilities, untapping it as one of the creatures you intend to untap for the cost, then retapping it to finish paying the cost.

All MTG Arena store bundle updates

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A total of seven MTG Arena bundles were added to the store. 

Alchemist bundle

The Alchemist bundle contains 20 Alchemy: New Capenna booster packs priced at 3,000 gems or 15,000 gold.

Angelic Construct bundle

Players can get the Angelic Construct pet and Celestial Regulator card sleeve for 3,000 gems for 15,000 gold.

Inside Information bundle

The Inside Information bundle contains six card styles priced at 2,700 gems or 13,500 gold.

  • Diviner of Fates card style
  • Agent of Raffine card style
  • Nightclub Bouncer card style
  • Choice of Fortunes card style
  • Obscura Polymorphist card style 
  • Bind to Secrecy card style

Dressed to Kill bundle

There are a total of six card styles in the Dressed to Kill bundle priced at 2,700 gems or 13,500 gold.

  • Spelldrain Assassin card style
  • Graven Archfiend card style
  • Xander’s Wake card style
  • Shattering Finale card style
  • Syndicate Recruiter card style
  • Bank Job card style

Criminal Mischief bundle

The Criminal Mischief bundle contains six card styles priced at 2,700 gems or 13,500 gold. 

  • Effluence Devourer card style
  • Pass the Torch card style
  • Big Spender card style
  • Traumatic Prank card style
  • Riveteers Provocateur card style
  • Racketeer Boss card style

Life of the Party bundle

Players can purchase the Life of the Party bundle containing six different card styles for 2,700 gems or 13,500 gold. 

  • Back-Alley Gardener card style
  • Loose in the Park card style
  • Menagerie Curator card style
  • Giant Regrowth card style
  • Cabaretti Revels card style
  • Arming Gala card style

The Sky’s the Limit bundle

Six card styles are contained within the Sky’s the Limit bundle, priced at 2,500 gems or 13,500 gold.

  • Spara’s Bodyguard card style
  • Herald of Vengeance card style
  • Skyline Savior card style
  • Celestial Vault card style
  • Rope Line Attendant card style
  • Brokers’ Safeguard card style

Patch 2022.16 MTG Arena bug fixes

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Bug fixes resolved within the June 2 MTG Arena update included a bug that allowed uncollected cards to appear as invalid despite an event offering all-access to cards. Changes were applied to the Direct Challenge mode regarding error messages and a bug preventing players from switching between horizontal and vertical views while sideboarding.

  • Reward pop-ups for mobile within the Color Challenge were fixed
  • Editing a deck from the Last Played tab will no longer force the deck to take on another deck name from a players collection
  • The Commander slot will no longer display as dimmed if empty
  • An issue with scrolling while in the Play Blade events tab was resolved
  • The “Can’t be countered” ability with Thyrx will no longer apply to both players
  • Mutual Destruction once again has flash if you control a permanent with flash
  • Light up the Night once again holds priority for X=0
  • Players will no longer have trouble targeting lands on the NEO battlefield
  • Shadow of Mortality can only hurt a player who is able to play it
  • Davriel Soul Broker’s emblem will no longer lower the cost of spells by one black mana if the spell had hybrid mana and was a split card
  • Adventure spell triggers will no longer improperly display on the stack
  • There was a bug where you could attach Toralf’s Hammer to a Skirk Prospector, then, despite it not showing up as payable, try to force using the ability where you discard the hammer, pay for that by sacrificing the Skirk Prospector, and then, unable to pay the unattach cost, cause an exception. Now the game just says the cost is unpayable and undoes all of that
  • Players can now use an Equipment card that has lost all abilities via cards like Nahiri. 
  • Cards with Conjure now have a hanger explaining what Conjure is
  • A bug attached to Magecraft CFX where cards were not displaying has been resolved
  • All two-color tokens will now have the non-gold frame when their ability is on the stack
  • A bug attached to Fervent Champion’s VFX has been resolved
  • Conjure VFX will now work on iPhone eight devices
  • Pet reaction bugs were resolved