MTG Arena is giving away a free promo code for one billion games played

Get a free booster pack for hitting the billion landmark.

Spark Double MTG War of the Spark spoiler
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

MTG Arena is giving away a free booster promo code to the Magic: The Gathering community for hitting one billion games played.  

In recognition of this insane achievement, MTG Arena is giving away a free booster pack with the code “OneBillion.” Simply head to the store tab and type in the code (codes are cap-sensitive).   

MTG Arena continues to grow and strive as the community has played over one billion games since its launch. Although it’s not as versatile in Magic: The Gathering formats like Magic Online, MTG Arena is a free-to-play PC only game that’s revived the MTG community.

Since moving into open beta, MTG Arena has become the most popular way to play Magic: The Gathering digitally. Boosting quarterly profits for Hasbro, it’s brought old players back into the community while introducing the game to a whole new generation.

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With new Magic: The Gathering expansions releasing for Standard in the summer and fall of 2019, along with television series (MPL Weekly and What the Deck) and Mythic Championships being fought on MTG Arena, many expect to see even more growth before the year ends.

As for Magic Online, Wizards of the Coast hasn’t written it off just yet. But the future of Magic: The Gathering’s first digital platform isn’t totally secure. With MTG Arena growing in popularity and surpassing Magic Online on a visual scale, there’s still a good possibility of both platforms being merged together one day.