MTG Arena Brawl reveals the power and weaknesses of Knights’ Charge

Can Knights’ Charge support a tribal theme in Standard?

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The tribal theme of Knights is alive and strong in the Brawl format thanks to the Throne of Eldraine set and enchantments like Knights’ Charge.

Wizards of the Coast broke its spoiler season mold by introducing four preconstructed Standard Brawl decks via an MTG Arena special event (opens in a new tab)" href="" target="_blank">MTG Arena special event. Appropriately named “Knights’ Charge” after the enchantment of the same name, the Mardu deck showcases the potential of the Knight tribal theme

Knights’ Charge

Knights' Charge MTG Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Costing three mana (Orzhov), Knights’ Charge damages opponents anytime a Knight attacks. The enchantment is strong within the preconstructed Brawl decks but has weaknesses in Standard Constructed. 

In an aggro to midrange MTG Standard format deck designed around the Knight tribal theme, Knights’ Charge might not fit into the three-drop spot. This isn’t the case within the Brawl or Limited Draft formats, however.

Dealing one damage per turn is helpful, but there aren’t any other cards (yet) within Mardu or Orzhov to support it. With support, the enchantment would rise in value dramatically within Standard Constructed.

Knights’ Charge does have value, however, in its mana ability. For the whopping cost of eight (one white and one black) mana, it’ll return all Knights in the graveyard to the battlefield. Essentially, this ability is a win-con, but a costly one without some form of ramp. 

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The release of Throne of Eldraine via MTG Arena is Sept. 26 with Brawl likely arriving shortly after. Pre-release for ELD is Sept. 27 to 29 with the official release launching on Oct. 4.