Here’s the MTG Innistrad: Midnight Hunt spoiler schedule

Catch every drop for the new MTG Standard-legal set

MTG Innistrad
Image via WotC

The Standard 2021 rotation in Magic: The Gathering is just around the corner with preview season for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt starting the first week of September. 

Scheduled to release digitally on Sept. 16 and globally on Sept. 24, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) spoilers will start on Sept. 2. Dozens of cards within the new set were first previewed in early August, revealing an evolved planeswalker and Eternal Night basic lands. The spoiler season for MID will officially kick off on Sept. 2, according to WotC, followed by seven days of reveals.    

How to find every MTG Innistrad: Midnight Hunt spoiler

A total of 277 regular MTG cards are included in the upcoming MID set. Wizards of the Coast is also breaking its traditional release format, scheduling the launch of Innistrad: Crimson Vow just two months after the release of Midnight Hunt.

From returning Innistrad mechanics to plenty of werewolf action, here’s every scheduled MID spoiler set to drop between Sept. 2 to 9.

Sept. 2 MID spoilers

Sept. 3 MID spoilers

Sept. 4 MID spoilers

Sept. 5 MID spoilers

Sept. 6 MID spoilers

Sept. 7 MID spoilers

Sept. 8 MID spoilers

Sept. 9 MID spoilers

Following MTG tradition, head designer Mark Rosewater released his MID teaser. The traditional guessing game includes a number of hints, creature types, and things players can expect to see during the return to Innistrad. Rosewater later tweaked his list, acknowledging Transform as a returning mechanic in addition to two others. 

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The Standard 2021 rotation will take place with the global launch of MID on Sept. 24 and the digital release via Magic Online and MTG Arena on Sept. 16.