Every MTG Streets of New Capenna spoiler drop and release schedule

Spoilers are best served hot, not cold.

Image via WotC

Players will venture to a new Magic: The Gathering plane and city via the upcoming Standard-legal set Streets of New Capenna, with spoilers taking place over the course of seven days in April. 

The MTG Streets of New Capenna (SNC) spoiler season begins April 7 via Wizards of the Coast and continues through April 14. A total of 281 regular cards are contained within the upcoming Standard-legal set, showcasing a modern gangster/noir theme via five crime families that rule over the city of New Capenna. The unnamed plane within the MTG Multiverse will include planeswalkers like Elspeth and Vivian while introducing a threat that goes beyond demon families at war. 

WotC released several SNC spoilers prior to the official previews, including the new Connive mechanic via Raffine, Scheming Seer, the patriarch of the Obscura family. Running the Maestro family is Xander, and making sure parties never go out of style is Jetmir, a cat demon running the Cabaretti family. 

Commander SNC spoilers will release April 14 and players can test out the new cards via prerelease events first, starting on April 22. The digital launch will take place on April 28 via Magic Online and MTG Arena. And the global release of SNC is scheduled to take place on April 29.

Here are every MTG Streets of New Capenna spoiler drop taking place from April 7 to 14, according to WotC.

April 7 SNC spoilers

April 8 SNC spoilers

April 9 SNC spoilers

April 10 SNC spoilers

April 11 SNC spoilers

April 12 SNC spoilers

April 13 SNC spoilers

April 14 SNC spoilers