MTG Streets of New Capenna five families showcase three-color Shards

Choose the family and MTG colors you will represent at the SNC prerelease.

Image via WotC

Three color shards return to the Standard format via the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, Streets of New Capenna, tied to each of the five demon crime lord families that run the gang-ruled city. 

A Shard in MTG contains a total of three colors with a primary color as the center color and allied colors on either side. The five Shard colors are Bant (GWU), Esper (WUB), Grixis (UBR), Jund (BRG), and Naya (RGW). These colors will represent the five demon families that rule in the Streets of New Capenna (SNC). 

The Shards associated with the five families of New Capenna are important, as the prerelease event will have five prerelease kits, one for each family. Players will choose which kit they want and battle it out in the SNC Limited Sealed format prior to the cards getting released digitally via Magic Onlne and MTG Arena

Here are the five MTG demon families, the colors they represent, and their overall role within the upcoming New Capenna set, according to Wizards of the Coast


Image via WotC

The Obscura family relies on their magic powers to deceive and manipulate, operating within the MTG colors WUB. 


Image via WotC

Known as the assassins within the city of New Capenna, the Maestros operate within the MTG colors of UBR. 


Image via WotC

The Riveteers rule the undercity as Artisans and are known for their brute force when it comes to solving a problem. Riveteers operate within the MTG colors BRG. 


Image via WotC

Known for extravagant parties and ancient magic, the Cabaretti family operates within the MTG colors RGW. 


Image via WotC

Every city needs a family of lawyers, and the Brokers are the demonic law firm for New Capenna. The Brokers family operates within the colors GWU.

Prerelease events at MTG local game stores for the upcoming SNC set will start on April 22. The digital release of New Capenna will take place on April 28.