ELEAGUE partners with Magic: The Gathering Arena for new Showdown series

Magic is moving up in the world of esports.

The ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena series
Image via ELEAGUE and Intel Gamer Days

A new competitive series is coming to “The ELEAGUE Showdown” this fall featuring competitive play via MTG Arena

Beginning Sept. 4 at 7pm CT on Twitch, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and ELEAGUE are launching a new Showdown series via MTG Arena. The series will run through Dec. 18, featuring competitive play from popular MTG community influencers and emerging star players.

Individuals competing in the new series will be chosen through personal invitations and player applications. Each week, players will compete in one single-elimination match at a time via MTGA in the Standard format. Only the last winner left standing will receive prize money each week and move on to the following week’s matches as the “player to defeat.”

Some details still remain unknown, such as the prize pool and how to apply as a competitor. But ELEAGUE has announced that a rulebook for the series will become available on its website in the coming days. 

The partnership between ELEAGUE and WotC is setting a new precedent for MTG in the world of esports. Most MTGA competitions occur in-house, with the exception of streaming events hosted by Fandom Legends. In conjunction with the recent esports path announced by WotC for tabletop and digital play, partnering with ELEAGUE has the potential to broaden viewership and increase the popularity of MTGA even further.  

Launching in 2016, ELEAGUE has established itself in esports by hosting a variety of games from Overwatch and CS:GO to FIFA and Rocket League. Adding MTG Arena to the roster is a smart play considering the growth its seen within the past year while still in open beta. 

The ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena airs Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 7pm CT via ELEAGUE TV on Twitch.