Command Zone in Las Vegas sets precedent for future MTG MagicFests

The Commander format takes over MagicFests.

MTG Gen Con Commander 2019 panels and reveals
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Las Vegas MagicFest has been overrun by Commander fans, turning the Magic: The Gathering Command Zone experiment into a complete success.

With over 1,000 MTG fans signing up for the Command Zone during the Las Vegas MagicFest, WotC has announced it’ll become a regular event starting Oct. 4.

Commander is a casual multiplayer format in Magic that’s been rapidly rising in popularity. To celebrate the release of Commander 2019 this weekend at the Las Vegas MagicFest, WotC went all out with over 20 tournaments, meet and greets with special guests, and even a Commander party. 

Reports of decreased attendance at Grand Prix events and MagicFests have become a running theme, especially prior to the announcement of an established path toward the MPL for competitive players. Adding the Command Zone event might not increase GP numbers but it’ll certainly increase the number of players participating in side events. 

The Command Zone pass includes a special Sol Ring promo (foil and non-foil) that will also be at future CZ events, beginning with the Montreal MagicFest.

The Montreal MagicFest is set for Oct. 4 to 6, coinciding with the release of the Throne of Eldraine set and four preconstructed Brawl decks for tabletop Magic. Formerly known simply as Grand Prix tournaments, MagicFests have become an event designed around the entire MTG community, not just professional players. 

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MagicFests strengthen the tabletop community by featuring cosplay, autograph booths, hundreds of side events, and Grand Prix tournaments. And with the addition of events like Command Zone, MTG’s growth and popularity will likely continue to increase.