Best White MTG New Capenna Limited Draft Common and Uncommon cards

Use White cards to protect Creatures and establish a presence on the battlefield.

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White is home to many aggressive Creatures and a small Citizen Creature type subtheme in Streets of New Capenna Limited.

Cabaretti, Obscura, and Brokers are the three archetypes that use White, primarily as a source of strong early-game Creatures and shield counters. New Capenna is a three-color set that centers around five crime families that represent different archetypes.

Obscura and Brokers are slower gameplans that use Connive and counters synergies to slowly overwhelm the opponent and close out the game.

Cabaretti is an aggressive archetype that uses White, Red, and Green‘s access to efficient, threatening Creatures and looks to end the game quickly. It’s the only strategy that fully makes use of the Alliance mechanic that triggers when Creatures enter the battlefield.

Here are the best White Limited Common and Uncommon rarity cards to play within the New Capenna Limited Draft format.

Ballroom Brawlers

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Ballroom Brawlers is a solid top-end Uncommon Creature that stabilizes against aggro decks with the lifelink ability. The key to Ballroom Brawlers is that it gives itself and another target Creature either first strike or lifelink. Oftentimes, these kinds of attack effects buff only one Creature, leaving the other one vulnerable to trading in combat. Rocking five toughness, this is a formidable Creature that slows down aggro decks and can make Cabaretti’s already good Creature suite even better.

Buy Your Silence

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Buy Your Silence is a great removal spell. It exiles any nonland permanent. This is strong in New Capenna Limited because of the graveyard synergies found in Black decks. Your opponent does get a treasure token, but that’s a worthwhile tradeoff to get rid of anything on the battlefield for good.

Celebrity Fencer

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The Alliance mechanic triggers whenever another Creature enters the battlefield. This includes token and nontoken Creatures. Celebrity Fencer gets a +1/+1 counter anytime a Creature enters the battlefield. Starting off with an aggressive 3/2 body, Celebrity Fencer can get out of hand if left unchecked.

If it’s played on curve, it’ll quickly become a strong attacking force or stout blocker. In the late game, Celebrity Fencer isn’t too bad. With three power it can trade with many Creatures in New Capenna. Either way, Celebrity Fencer will make an impact on the battlefield one way or another.

Inspiring Overseer

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Priest of Forgotten Lore was great in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Limited as a solid three-drop that drew a card. Inspiring Overseer is basically a better version of Priest of Forgotten Lore. It has the same ability to draw a card and gain life when it enters the battlefield, but also has flying.

A 2/1 Flying Creature that draws a card when it enters the battlefield is great. It can comfortably trade in combat and is a great target for +1/+1 counters because it’s an evasive threat. Inspiring Overseer is a good all-around Creature.

Kill Shot

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White gets another good removal spell in Kill Shot. For three mana it simply destroys an attacking Creature. Outside of decks that use shield counters, Kill Shot is a cheap Common option for dealing with threats. It punishes players that overextend with greedy attacks while you have mana up. It’s worth a slot in any Draft or Sealed deck.

Raffine’s Informant

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Raffine’s Informant is a two-mana Creature that connives when it enters the battlefield. It’s a solid way to start drawing cards and enabling graveyard or connive synergies as soon as possible. Unlike many two drops, Raffine’s Informant does find value when played in the late game. Conniving will be good at any point in the game and if it enters as a 3/2 it should trade up in combat.

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