Best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited Green Common and Uncommon cards

Know what Green cards pull you into a specific archetype.

Limited players including the Magic: The Gathering color Green from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft and Sealed builds will want cards that support ramp, Modifications, and Enchantments.

Green in MTG is typically known for its ability to ramp quickly and have big creatures as curve toppers to smash an opponent. The Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set still provides these attributes while also containing a large number of cards that support the four NEO Limited archetypes that use the color Green. 

  • Red and Green (RG): Modified
  • Green and White (GW): Enchantments matter
  • Black and Green (BG): Ninja and Enchantments matters
  • Green and Blue (GU): Ramp and Channel

Removal spells like Fade into Antiquity are typically a sideboard card, but in the NEO Limited format, the Sorcery speed spell is likely a main deck card. Also providing decent removal is the upgraded bite spell Master’s Rebuke, able to target Planeswalkers. 

Following the digital launch of NEO on MTG Arena, Geothermal Kami has become a solid mid-pack pick for Enchantment Green decks paired with White or Black, able to trigger enters-the-battlefield triggers by returning an important Enchantment from your graveyard to hand. Tamiyo’s Safekeeping has become a one or two-of within Green builds, providing Hexproof, two life points, and Indestructible. And Harmonious Emergence has proven its worth as an Enchantment in GW Limited NEO decks, creating a 4/5 spirit token with Vigilance that also has Haste.

From mana dork ramp and Landfall synergies to spirits and Dual-Faced sagas, here are the nine best MTG Common and Uncommon cards in the NEO Limited format. 

Generous Visitor

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Generous Visitor is a one-drop 1/1 spirit that places a +1/+1 counter on a target creature (can include itself) whenever you cast an Enchantment spell. Unlike most add-a-counter-to-creature cards in MTG, there aren’t any restrictions on Generous Visitor that say its ability can only get taken advantage of once per turn. Generous Visitor is a Draft pick that will pull you into the NEO Green and White archetype, right alongside its signpost card Jukai Naturalist. 

Blossom Prancer

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Playable in all four NEO archetypes with the color Green, Blossom Prancer is a five-drop 4/4 creature with Reach that searches the top five cards of your library upon entering the battlefield—allowing you to reveal an Enchantment or creature that gets added to your hand. Should you choose to not reveal a card, the spirit’s ability grants you four life instead. 

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Blossom Prancer slots ideally into the GW and GU archetypes. The 4/4 spirit with Reach blocks just about every NEO creature with Flying. And gaining four life points as a second option should you whiff or need the life to survive is a solid second option to its ability.  

Fang of Shigeki

Fang of Shigeki

Fang of Shigeki is a one-drop creature with Deathtouch and has Enchantment synergies. The snake ninja maintains its value throughout all stages of the game, providing opportunities to Ninjutsu in creatures. Fang of Shigeki is a cheap creature that synergizes with Generous Visitor for an ETB trigger and Geothermal Kami as an Enchantment to return to hand. 

Commune with Spirits

Commune with Spirits

Commune with Spirits is a one-drop Sorcery speed spell that is worth having at least two copies of in a NEO Limited deck. The spell helps you find an Enchantment or land in the top four cards of your library, cherry-picking your strongest Enchantment synergy pieces to get ahead of your opponent.

Roaring Earth

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Roaring Earth is an Enchantment that synergizes with the GW and RG archetypes by providing a +1/+1 counter that can get put on a creature or vehicle you control when a land enters the battlefield, similar to Landfall. 

As a two-drop, the ability on Roaring Earth can scale quickly out of control when played in the early game. And as an added bonus, the Enchantment has Channel, allowing its controller to create a massive-sized creature with Haste in the late game that is still a land. 

Jukai Preserver

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Playable in all four Green NEO archetypes, especially GW and RG, Juakia Preserver has an enter the battlefield ability that places a +1/+1 counter on a target creature you control. The human druid is a four-drop 3/3 that also has the MTG mechanic Channel, giving its controller the option to put a +1/+1 counter on up to two target creatures you control at a cost of 2G. 

Kappa Tech-Wrecker

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Fleshing out ninja synergy within the color Green and ideally slotting into the Green and Black NEO archetype, Kappa Tech-Wrecker is a two-drop with Ninjutsu for 1G. When the ninja turtle enters the battlefield, it gains a Deathtouch counter. As an added bonus, players can choose to remove that Deathtouch counter upon it dealing combat damage to a player, exiling an Enchantment or Artifact that your opponent controls—providing removal when needed. 

Kappa Tech-Wrecker has become one of the strongest Ninjutsu cards in Green since the digital launch of NEO on MTG Arena. Multiple copies of the turtle ninja gain you an advantage over your opponent due to a large number of Enchantment and Artifact-themed decks.

Boseiju Reaches Skyward

Boseiju Reches Skyward is a four-drop Uncommon NEO saga that puts two basic lands into your hand, grabs a target land out of the graveyard, and transforms into an Enchantment creature with Reach. Like many of the Green cards in NEO, Enchantments matter, especially ones that can prevent you from heading into the mid or late-game short on lands, while also granting you a bonus for drawing too many basic lands.

Chapter two is the only dud within the Boseiju Reaches Skyward that won’t typically provide value. Branch of Bosiju, the Enchantment creature plant that the saga transforms into, provides more than enough value to make up for a weak chapter two.

Tales of Master Seshiro//Seshiro’s Living Legacy saga

The Tales of Master Seshiro//Seshiro’s Living Legacy saga provides value during the late game within the NEO Red and Green archetype while also synergizing with GW. Chapters one and two grant a +1/+1 counter on any target or vehicle, synergizing with Red spells like Ambitious Assault and Kami’s Flare, while also giving the target creature Vigilance until the end of the turn. 

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Chapter three transforms into Seshiro’s Living Legacy, a 5/5 Enchantment creature with Haste and Vigilance. Waiting until turn seven at the earliest to attack with the snake warrior can feel bad but is worth it if the first two chapters of the Tales of Master Seshiro provide value to your overall boardstate while synergizing with the things your NEO Limited deck wants to do. 

Careful Cultivation

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Careful Cultivation is a three-drop Enchantment Aura that synergizes with the GU, RG, and GW archetypes. It can produce a mana dork for 1G via the Channel mechanic, providing the same results as the NEO card Orochi Merge-Keeper but without the risk of getting countered. Depending on what your opponent is playing, Careful Cultivation can enchant a creature to give it +1/+3 and Reach—an ideal option when playing against Ninjutsu builds that rely upon evasive creatures. 

Azusa’s Many Journeys//Likeness of the Seeker saga

Ideally slotting into the NEO Green and Blue archetype but still playable in others, Azusa’s Many Journeys//Likeness of the Seeker saga is a two-drop that produces value with each chapter. Getting to play an extra land is nice in GU on turn two while gaining three life can help a player stabilize during the midgame stage. Likeness of the Seeker, on the other hand, is an Enchantment creature with 3/3 stats that can untap up to three lands when it becomes blocked. 

Greater Tanuki

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Greater Tanuki is a solid finisher that slots ideally into the Green and Blue NEO archetype. Players will have the chance to grab multiple copies since the Enchantment dog has a rarity of Common, providing ramp during the early game via a basic land that goes straight to the battlefield, and a beefy creature late game with Trample. It also synergizes as a curve topper in the GW archetype since it is an Enchantment creature. 

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Update Feb. 14 2:30am CT: The article was updated following the digital launch of NEO via Magic Online and MTG Arena.

Update Feb. 21 8pm CT: The saga Boseiju Reaches Skyward was added to the best Green Limited cards, along with honorable mentions like Tamiyo’s Safekeeping and Harmonious Emergence following the global launch of NEO.