Every Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited archetype and the signpost cards supporting them

Know which NEO cards support each Limited Draft archetype.

A total of 10 Magic: The Gathering Draft archetypes are contained within Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, supported by an Uncommon creature with the colors for that archetype.

Each Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO) Draft archetype is represented by two Magic colors, supported by signpost creatures that synergize with each archetype’s overall theme. Many of the themes cross over between MTG colors, while others are solely seen in a specific color. 

The upcoming Standard-legal set includes plenty of samurai and warriors, along with Dual-Faced sagas, powerful vehicles, and cards that encourage players to tap into the Modification mechanic. The NEO set has a heavy focus on both Artifacts and Enchantments, showcasing a mashup of modernity and tradition with Artifacts representing modern inventions and technology and Enchantments representing tradition.

  • White and Blue (WU): Vehicles
  • Blue and Black (UB): Ninja/Rogue Ninjitsu
  • Black/Red (BR): Sacrifice and Artifacts
  • Red/Green (RG): Modification
  • Green and White (GW): Enchantments matter
  • White/Black (WB): Artifacts and Enchantments 
  • Blue/Red (UR): Artifacts matter
  • Black/Green (BG): Graveyard matters
  • Green/White (GW): Samurai and Warriors
  • Green/Blue (GU): Channel

The NEO set also includes a number of cycles, cards that have the potential to pull a player into a specific archetype within Limited Draft if appearing as a pack-one pick. There are five legendary dragon spirits with a rarity of Mythic Rare, and there’s a cycle of Common and Uncommon sagas that could impact have a significant impact on the NEO Limited meta.

Here are the 10 MTG signpost cards for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited Draft. 

Naomi, Pillar of Order (WB)

Image via WotC

Jukai Naturalist (GW)

Jukai Naturalist

Asari Captain (RW)

Asari Captain

Prodigy’s Prototype (WU)

Prodigy’s Prototype

Silver-Fur Master (UB)

Silver-Fur Master

Oni-Cult Anvil (BR)

Oni-Cult Anvil

Gloomshrieker (BG)


Enthusiastic Mechanaut (UR)

Enthusiastic Mechanaut

Colossal Skyturtle (GU)

Colossal Skyturtle

Invigorating Hot Springs (RG)

Invigorating Hot Spring

All images via WotC.