When will the new Power League system launch in Brawl Stars?

It will replace the Power Play in the mobile game.

Image via Supercell

In the latest Brawl Talk, Supercell revealed the features coming next to Brawl Stars. Among them, the Power Play system will be reworked to make way for the Power League with a different organization and rewards.

Although it was announced at the same time as the other features coming with the next update, the Power League won’t launch alongside new Brawler Stu and other changes brought by it.

The Power Play is the competitive mode of the game, outside of esports events. It allows players to enter up to three games a day in a rotating game mode using a Brawler who has a star power, which requires players to upgrade them to max level 10.

A win offers 30 trophies, while a loss rewards five as a consolation gift. A ladder determines the best players in the world and by server every season, so that players can see where they are placed in the ranks.

When will the new Power League system launch in Brawl Stars?

The last Power Play season launched recently, which means there’s still some time before it ends. According to the game menu, this season will end in seven days, which can hint at the updated feature being launched around March 16.

The feature is still in development, though, which means its launch date might change depending on the circumstances. “The update isn’t finished,” Supercell said in a tweet today. “We are still testing and finalizing the feature.”

The Power League system will be the “new way to play competitive Brawl Stars,” according to Supercell game lead Frank Keienburg. A total of 19 ranks will be introduced instead of the Power Play ladder, from Bronze to Master.

Players will compete in best-of-three matches to get the win and advance to the next rank instead of earning points every game to climb the ladder, which will raise the stakes. Star points will still be given to players depending on the rank they reached in addition to exclusive rewards.

This article will be updated when an official date for the Power League feature in Brawl Stars has been confirmed.