New battle pass available for Brawl Stars season 5

The latest Brawler, Colonel Ruffs, is here.

Image via Supercell

A bunch of new content, alongside some major balance changes, were introduced to Brawl Stars earlier today. Fans can enjoy new missions to earn the numerous rewards that season five’s battle pass has to offer.

Players who purchase the battle pass will earn the exclusive D4R-RY1 skin upon completing the first level. Other rewards for the premium battle pass include the latest Brawler Colonel Ruffs at level 30, several pins dedicated to him, and his release skin called Ronin Ruffs.

Image via Supercell

Players who enjoy the free version of the battle pass will also earn numerous rewards, including pins, boxes of random content, and lots of power points and coins to level up their Brawlers. They’ll also get 90 gems even with the free version.

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Two daily missions offer 100 tokens every day, on top of seasonal missions that regularly appear to offer more opportunities. Those missions don’t reset, though, which means players have all season to complete them.

Brawl Stars‘ season five is called The Starr Force and features the introduction of Colonel Ruffs, who’s a support-type Brawler.

Since he’s a chromatic-rarity character, earning him through the premium battle pass is a one-time opportunity. Players will only have a small chance of getting him through boxes with random rewards.

For skin enthusiasts, Lunar New Year-themed cosmetics have also joined the shop in the game. Dumpling Darryl, Lion Dance Brock, and Royal Agent Colt will be available for a reduced price for 27 days.