Latest update introduces new character and gadgets to Brawl Stars

The update also brought five skins, gadgets, and the underdog system.

Image via Supercell

A new update released today introduces the brawler Jacky, gadgets, five skins, and other features into Brawl Stars. The update offers plenty of new items to collect and a new meta introduced by gadgets, the items unique for each brawler that can be used only a few times in a game.

Jacky can be earned in boxes. Her main attack is called Groundbreaker, making her inflict damage all around her with her jackhammer. Her super pulls enemies towards her and inflicts higher damage. Since gadgets also joined the game today, Jacky’s is a speed boost.

Screengrab via Brawl Stars

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Skins for Shelly, Bunny Penny, EMZ, and Darryl, as well as his rework, also joined the game. Three more will be added in April for Dynamike, Jessie, and Bo.

Additionally, the underdog system was added for players who will play with a two-player party with lower trophies than them. The event rotation also changed.

The PSG Cup will be activated on March 19, and the exclusive skin PSG Shelly will be earnable by grabbing nine wins in the game mode. The meta-changing gadgets can now be earned in Brawl boxes of the shop at Power level 7 and Carl, Max, Mr. P, as well as Sandy received nerfs in balance changes.

The name of the next brawler to be introduced in Brawl Stars in April and shown in the last Brawl talk, was also revealed. He’s a robot called Sprout.

Finally, today a special offer was also introduced for the Cupid Piper skin, which costs 219 gems instead of 320.