Brawl Stars’ latest Brawl Talk crosses 9 million views in under a day

The video is trending in at least 11 countries.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ latest Brawl Talk episode, which revealed a bunch of upcoming exciting features to the game, has been breaking records on YouTube. The video crossed 9 million views in under a day and is continuing to pile up more views.

Game lead of Brawl Stars Frank Keienburg announced on Twitter that the video is “trending pretty much everywhere” and added that it had reached number one on YouTube Gaming in at least 11 countries and was in the top five in five countries, including the USA.

Brawl Stars releases Brawl Talk episodes roughly every month to talk about the upcoming updates to the game. Yesterday’s Brawl Talk was a big one; it not only unveiled two new Brawlers and eight new skins but also introduced a new mechanic called “Gadgets” to the game.

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Gadgets add a unique ability to each brawler. The new Brawler, which will drop in the next update, is tank named Jacky. She deals damage with her “sledgehammer” and also has an interesting super that pulls enemies towards her while dealing damage to them.

Another new Brawler will be coming to the game in April. Its name wasn’t revealed but it looks like a robot that throws flowers at the enemies to deal damage.