Underdog system will be added in next Brawl Stars update

The underdog system is the first feature to be revealed for the upcoming update.

Image via Supercell

A new solution to unbalanced matchmaking in 3-vs.-3 matches has been found and will be introduced in the upcoming Brawl Stars update, Supercell announced earlier today.

In the 3-vs.-3 mode, players are usually matched with teammates and opponents of the same number of trophies. But it gets more complicated to get balanced matchmaking when two friends of different levels want to play together: the third player can have a number of trophies different than the average.

Image via Supercell

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“We always want friends (regardless of Trophy level) to be able to play together. Brawl is just more fun with friends. So, we’re introducing the Underdog system,” Supercell wrote.

Players won’t be prevented from playing together, so Supercell found another solution. According to the underdog system, if the third player to join the team has more trophies than the team’s average, he will be labelled as the “underdog” player and will lose less trophies and win more in case of victory.

There are two conditions: he must have over 200 trophies more than another player of the party, and the enemy team must have an average level of over 200 trophies too.

Using the “play again” feature will cancel the underdog status. Moreover, it won’t affect solo or duo showdown modes.

The next update will bring features that have yet to be revealed. However, rumors hint at a new brawler being released.