Here are the patch notes for Free Fire’s OB29 update 4nniversary

This update celebrates the battle royale's 4th anniversary.

Free Fire’s OB29 update drops today as a celebration of the battle royale’s 4th anniversary. The 4nniversary patch notes were released by Garena today, showing many new features and two new characters coming with the highly anticipated birthday update. 

The character inspired by world-famous DJ Dimitri Vegas is finally coming to Free Fire. His active skill Healing Heartbeat helps his downed teammates by creating a 3.5 meters healing zone that recovers three HP per second. The second character with the OB29 update is Thiva, inspired by DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Mike Thivaios. Thiva also has a healing passive skill, Vital Vibes, which reduces help-up time and recovers HP for fallen teammates.

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The characters who received skill or stats adjustments were: Jota, Luqueta, Shani, and Alvaro.

A new pet is also coming in the 4nniversary update. Sensei Tig has the Nimble Ninja skill that reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills.

A new mode named Lone Wolf is also coming to Free Fire. The 1v1 mode takes place in the new map Iron Cage and lets you challenge other players in a best of nine battle. Lone Wolf will be available soon.

The AC80 is the new weapon coming to Clash Squad and Battle Royale. The rifle comes with Piercing Shots, giving extra damage to every second shot scored with the gun. 4nniversary update adjusted weapons are: M4A1, UZI, XM8, SPAS12, Vector and M1187.

Finally, the Clash Squad Season 8 begins on Aug. 5. If you rank up to Gold III or above you will get The Golden AN94 as your exclusive reward. The mode also now features Item Request and Backpack Display.

You can read about all the patch notes of the new Free Fire update on the official blog post