What to expect and release date for Free Fire’s OB29 update

The OB29 update is expected to drop very soon.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s OB29 Advanced Server is already open and the update is expected to drop during the first week of August. Players who are already trying out the new features, characters, items, and pets of the OB29 update in the Advanced Server have been sharing their discoveries with the community.

Here’s what to expect from Free Fire’s OB29 update.

Three mysterious characters were available for players on the Advanced Server. Leaks suggest that one of them is the awakened version of Moco since its passive skill is that markings on enemies last two seconds longer when they move. 

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The other two possible new characters have similar skills. A Healing Heartbeat active skill lasts for 10 seconds and creates a five-meter healing zone where users and allies recover three HP per second. When downed, users and allies can also self-recover to get up. The Vital Vibes passive skill increases Rescue (help-up) speed by five percent. And upon a successful rescue, the user recovers 15 HP in five seconds.

Leaks also suggest that one of these two mystery characters is going to be inspired by Dimitri Vegas from the DJ duo that created the song for the Rampage: New Dawn event.

A new pet may also be coming in the OB29 update. Sensei Tig is a tiger pet that has the ability to reduce the time span of enemies’ man-marking skills by 30 percent.

In addition, the Advanced Server features a new firearm called the AC80, which inflicts additional damage when two continuous shots reach the target.

All of the leaked Advanced Server features won’t necessarily be added to Free Fire with the new update. Players can expect to see some of the things present in the server, with a few changes.