Free Fire update OB22 now available

The update brings both new content and quality changes.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s major June update, called OB22, was introduced to the mobile game earlier today after several hours of maintenance. On top of new content, quality improvements also joined the game. The patch notes can be found here.

An anti-hack system was added to ban even more players after Garena issued a massive group ban of almost four million players last week.

“In this patch, we’re adding new anti-hack systems into our game to ensure that no players are getting an edge by using third-party programs to assist them,” the developer wrote.

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New character Wolfrahh was added to the game, as well as the pet Falco. His abilities will suit the most aggressive players. He gains a boost when he kills an opponent or when an observer watches his game, referring to his streamer background.

The ranked mode of Clash Squad, another common request, will join the game tomorrow. The first competitive season will kick off on June 4 at 3am CT. It will also end the preseason, which was used to get feedback and improve the game mode.

Skill exchange and skill use signal were added too, alongside other minor changes.

The update requires a minimum of 600 MB of space on your phone. Players will get a chance to obtain Wolfrahh when updating the game.