Free Fire to give out free female characters in Women’s Day event

The event will be different for each region.

Image via Garena

Free Fire will celebrate International Women’s Day with an event that will give out several female characters for free.

The event started today in some regions. To get free characters, players must collect Women’s Day tokens or log in.

Free Fire’s Women’s Day event for the EU region. | Screengrab via Garena

The Free Fire Women’s Day event is going to be different for each region. In Brazil, for example, players can log in daily to get rewards like a flower box, flower bouquet tokens that can be used to redeem rewards, and the Pisces parachute.

Players can also win bouquet tokens by completing the challenges in the event until March 12. They can be used to redeem rewards such as pet skin Sakura Ottero, weapon loot crates, universal fragments, pet food, and several collectible skins.

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The peak days for the Brazil region will be on March 7 and 8, when players who log in will be able to choose one deluxe package from the list of nine female characters: Laura, Moco, Kapella, Caroline, Notora, Paloma, A124, Steffie and Shani.

In Europe, players have been able to get vouchers, loot crates, and tokens since Feb. 28. The tokens, which can also be collected after matches, can be exchanged for rewards like pet skin Blue Fox, a weapon royale voucher, and hero tokens until March 8.

From March 6 to 8, players will be able to exchange tokens to win as many free female characters as they please from this list: Kelly, Nikita, Olivia, Misha, Paloma, Caroline and Moco. On March 8, Free Fire will also give out a special Women’s Day gift.