Kapella patch introduces new character and game modes to Free Fire

Starting April 12, rewards will be given to players who log into the game for up to 28 days.

Image via Free Fire

The latest Free Fire patch featuring the K-pop character Kapella, ranked Clash mode, the Thompson, and other new features was introduced to the game earlier today.

This patch also celebrates Easter with two events granting rewards and the Explosive Jump game mode, which will be available until April 12. It’s played in a random small area of Bermuda. Players fight with grenade launchers and can equip shoes that make them jump like rabbits.

They can be used to fight on roofs or launch a grenade on the ground without receiving damage, for example. But they must be used cleverly because they have a cooldown of over 10 seconds.

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The ability of the newest character Kapella is called Healing Song. It increases the effect of healing items in the game. She can be earned by completing the first tier of the Kapella Top Up challenge by spending 300 diamonds in the game. An exclusive weapon skin and outfit for her can also be earned by spending more diamonds.

She joins the game alongside a support pet, Oterro, which adds half of the health recovered with some items to the EP bar. There’s also the magic cube fragments event from April 8 to 12, which grants currency for simply connecting to the game everyday.

A patch quiz also grants five-star soul weapon loot crates by correctly answering five simple questions. The answers are in the patch notes: April 8, Kapella, Oterro, and Thompson.

Exclusive gun skins joined the game with the Kapella patch, too. They can be earned by exchanging them with tokens that are rewarded to those who play Clash Squad, the game mode that now has its own ranked mode and ladder.

This game mode is closer to classic multiplayer shooting games like Call of Duty: Mobile or CS:GO, where players face off in a small area with money to spend on weapons and protection at the start of each round.

Image via Free Fire

Three limited-time challenges joined the game to celebrate Easter, as well as the Explosive Jump game mode. Players can earn several exclusive themed cosmetics by completing these challenges.

Today’s the last day that the dino kigurumi can be bought to play in the comfiest outfit and the only day to spin the wheel at half price to get the Inking Affection Bundle. Starting April 12, rewards will also be given to players who log into the game for up to 28 days. The final reward is a permanent shark-themed gun skin.