Free Fire receives new pet Ottero event

Players can win the pet for free until April 28.

Image via Garena

Free Fire revealed the Ottero Top Up event today, in which players can win the new pet by topping up the diamonds required. The event will be available from April 22 to 28 in the battle royale.

Ottero was announced with the OB21 update, which also brought the new Kapella character, but it hadn’t been introduced to the game yet. The pet had already shown up in the LATAM server this past week, where players were able to win Ottero on the Luck Royale spin.

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Ottero has the skill to recover EP while recovering HP. When using a Treatment Gun or Med Kit at level one, the total amount of EP recovered will be 35 percent of the HP recovered. At the next level, the player will recover 50 percent of the HP recovered in EP. Finally, at maximum level, Ottero can help the player regain 100 percent of the HP recovered.

In the Top Up event, players can get Ottero for free by topping up with 100 diamonds. Three hundred diamonds will grant you the Show Off advanced action that can be used in the command wheel. For 1,000 diamonds, players can also unlock the Sakura pet skin.

Aside from the event’s prizes, Ottero also has the Celebrate and Play actions and the Radioactive skin that can be purchased from the game’s pet store.