Free Fire now tracks players who use the flying hack

The use of hacks in the battle royale can lead to a permanent ban.

Image via Garena

Free Fire has been dealing with hacks and cheats for a long time, making Garena enforce permanent bans and implement an anti-hack system in the battle royale.

Lately, the flying hack has become a particular focus of the game’s developers. And now, the devs have created a tracking detection method for the players who use the hack.

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The flying hack allows players to float in the air, creating an unfair advantage for other players who are on the ground. Garena explained that this hack has been used by players since the middle of 2020, affecting the battle royale experience.

Following the reinforcement of anti-hack measures and Garena promising to permanently ban players caught cheating in the game, hackers started to adjust their cheats to override the system.

☠️ What is flying hack? ☠️Flying hack allows hackers to float in the air and take advantage of height difference to…

Posted by Garena Free Fire on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

After many efforts to fight the hack, Free Fire developers were finally able to create a detection method for the flying hack and eliminate the hack function with the drop of the new client update. Garena has already registered a significant decrease in the use of the fly hack with the new strategy.

Garena’s battle against hackers in Free Fire has become more effective in the past year. The company releases reports saying that millions of battle royale players are banned monthly and it constantly reminds and advises players to report hackers