Free Fire Magic Card event features 2 samurai-themed skins

You can earn two samurai-themed skins in the newest event.

Image via Garena

A new event called Magic Card has been introduced to Free Fire, Garena revealed with a video teaser today. It features two exclusive samurai-themed skins, the Samurai Faceless and Kendoka Blindfold.

After the limited-time Assassins Strike event, Magic Card follows the same mechanic of flip cards.

The rules are simple: you choose a card to flip and get a random item that could be one of both exclusive skins. But you can’t flip every card to get them because the cards will be shuffled back after each flip.

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You can, however, permanently remove a consolation prize by spending 49 diamonds. This will increase your chances of getting the grand prize and give you additional rewards. You can pay to remove half of the cards and flip the others to have more chances of earning a skin without spending too many diamonds.

Screengrab via Garena Free Fire

Here are the rewards for removing cards:

  • One card removed: Bounty token playcard (1D)
  • Two cards removed: Diamond royale voucher
  • Three cards removed: Autumn parachute
  • Four cards removed: Weapon royale voucher
  • Five cards removed: Blood surfer surfboard
  • Six cards removed: Name change card
  • Seven cards removed: Cutesy dragon backpack

The event will end on March 29. Meanwhile, several other events and challenges are still available. The drawing contest of Porings, the cute creatures of the MMO game Ragnarok Online, offer you exclusive skins and the Poring pet. In addition to this event, several challenges were added to celebrate the release of the latest character, Jota. They offer skins and will end tomorrow.

The Assassins Strike event, similar to Magic Card, will also end today. Out of nine flip cards, one will award an assassin-themed bundle created with Ragnarok Online.

In addition to these new samurai-themed cosmetics, others will become available starting tomorrow with the theme of spring with the “Spring is here” event, which will be available until March 30. Challenges will offer exclusive rewards once completed.