First community-made skin joins Brawl Stars

The skin idea was first revealed over a year ago.

Image via Supercell

The Horus Bo skin, which was made by community figure Gedikor, was added to Brawl Stars earlier today. It’s the first community-made skin released in the game.

Gedikor first revealed the skin idea one year ago on Reddit. Later, Supercell Make was released, offering assets from the game to help the community design original skins that could be added to Brawl Stars. Gedikor was then chosen as the winner for the first skin contest.

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Horus Bo costs 150 gems in the shop. For those who haven’t unlocked Bo, he can be earned by reaching 3,000 trophies.

While Bo has received four skins in the game, some are less fortunate. Three of them didn’t get a skin for over 300 days. Pam has gone the longest without a skin at 955 days. Rosa and Tick are the other brawlers who haven’t gotten a new skin for over 300 days.

Meanwhile, the customizable controls option was recently added to the game. Players can go to Settings, click on Edit Controls, and change the location of the buttons.

Earlier this month, the recently-added gadgets also received significant changes to adjust their strategic strength and use. The newest brawler Sprout received a nerf alongside other balance changes.

The current Brawl Stars season will end in three days. Players with over 550 trophies will lose some of them but can compensate for that by using Star Points in the shop.