Brawl Stars makes big changes to how gadgets work

Several other changes and bug fixes have been made.

Image via Supercell

Many balance changes were implemented for Brawl Stars today. Supercell also made changes to how gadgets work in the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about today’s Brawl Stars update.

Balance changes

  • Bea: Main attack projectile has been increased by five percent.
  • Bibi: Movement speed increased from fast to very fast.
  • Poco: Main attack damage increased from 660 to 700.
  • Spike: Curveball’s effectiveness increased by 60 percent.
  • Crow: Defense booster charges reduced from three to two.
  • EMZ: Friendzoner charges decreased from three to two.
  • Jacky: Health reduced from 5,500 to 5,200.
  • Gene: Lamp blowout healing reduced from 1,000 to 700.

Other changes

The mechanics for gadgets have received some big changes. Gadgets will now only interrupt health regeneration on being activated. Earlier, the brawler’s health couldn’t regenerate for the entire duration for which the gadget is being used. Gadgets are also no longer interrupted by main or super attacks.

The showdown mode got some changes, too. Meteors will now drop randomly in the early game and won’t focus on a single brawler. The damage from the cloud of poison after the fifth consecutive hit will now scale up.

Bug fixes

Additionally, the update has brought several bug fixes to the game. The following have been fixed:

  • Crash bug in game rooms.
  • Daryl’s inability to destroy decorations with his super.
  • Jacky and Franky kicking the ball in Brawl Ball while channeling their super.
  • Tara’s inability to reveal all enemies on the map by using her gadget.
  • Persistent “NEW!” badge over the shop.