Dreamhack Mobile Series at Dallas concludes with Tribe Gaming and Kanariooo as champions

The innaugral Dreamhack mobile esports tournament featured Brawl Stars and Clash Royale.

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The inaugural Dreamhack Mobile Series was held at Dreamhack Dallas on June 1-2 and featured Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. The tournament had a total prize pool of $20,000.

In Brawl Stars, Tribe Gaming emerged as the champions. They defeated Nova White in the finals. Nova White, however, proved themselves as the strong underdogs in the tournament. They didn’t qualify through the online qualifiers and not many people could have anticipated that they were going to reach the finals.  

The format of the finals was a bit different. The teams selected the order in which they wanted to play the five modes that Brawl Stars offers- Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist, Robo Rumble, and Brawl Ball. Each of the modes was best of five and the team which won three modes first was the champion.

Tribe Gaming won the series by winning three back-to-back modes. The first mode was Heist in which Nova White did put up a really impressive performance. They took Tribe Gaming to five games but could not secure a victory in the last one where Tribe Gaming completely dominated them. Tribe Gaming did not even allow Nova White to touch their safe and cleaned the game up with a level 13 Siege bot in the end.

The next mode was Gem Grab in which Nova White again put up a really good performance. Tribe, however, recovered from a 1-2 deficit to win this mode as well: 3-2.

The final mode was Brawl Ball. Nova White seemed to have lost a bit of confidence after losing two back-to-back series very closely. Tribe Gaming continued to be at the top level of their gameplay and defeated Nova White 3-0 to take the trophy.

Image via Tribe Gaming

This was Brawl Stars’ first esports competition. The game has been very successful since it first came out globally in December 2018 making $200 million dollars in its first four months. The commentary for the Dreamhack Mobile Series also prioritized in explaining the games’ meta and its different modes as the game enters the esports scene as a fresh title.

In Clash Royale, we witnessed a final between Kanariooo and Surgical Goblin, the Clash Royale 2017 World Champion. Both players are members of Team Liquid and have played together a lot. This is what the match-up much more interesting as the players were probably aware of each others’ play style and preferred cards. Kanariooo won the best-of-five series 3-0 after some really close games throughout which Surgical Goblin found himself in his defensive foot.

Surgical Goblin put up a good performance in the second game with some impressive defenses and brought the game to a tie. In the rematch, Surgical Goblin was winning initially but could not counter Kanariooo’s late-game push and lost the match.

Image via Team Liquid

The Dreamhack Mobile Series will now continue at Dreamhack Summer in Sweden on June 15-17.


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