Clash Royale trophy loss changes reverted for some players

Players above 4,000 trophies are going back to the old system.

Image via Supercell

Supercell has heard the frustrations of Clash Royale players regarding the new trophy loss system in the mobile game and is reverting the changes for those who have above 4,000 trophies, the company announced today.

In early December, during the beginning of season 18, Supercell made some balance changes to trophy progression in Clash Royale. Under this new system, for players from zero to 6,000 trophies, a loss would result in the loss of more trophies.

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Supercell said at the time that this change was being implemented to create a better “leveling experience” for players. The company felt that some players were advancing through trophies at a rapid rate while their King Tower and cards remained at lower levels. Thus, some players were getting stuck at a certain number of trophies because of being dominated by players whose king and card levels were much higher.

The new trophy system was meant to make progression more challenging and solve this problem. But the community didn’t react positively to this change, so Supercell reverted it in an update today.

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The changes have only been reverted for players who have above 4,000 trophies, though. Players below this number, on the other hand, are still stuck with the new system.

To compensate for the higher number of trophies that players lost under the new system, Supercell is reducing the effect of the trophy reset in season 20. In the 20th season, the trophy reset will be just 25 percent instead of the usual 50 percent.