Clash Royale season 19 is now available

The season will last one month and features some cosmetic items.

Image via Supercell

The busiest time of the month has started for Clash Royale players with season 19 called Frozen Peak. The new season launched earlier today after a short period of maintenance and will last a month.

The Ice Wizard card will be in the spotlight this season, getting two dedicated emotes in the battle pass: Dancer and Popcorn. A tower skin turning the towers into ice blocks will also be given as a reward to players who purchase the Pass Royale and reach level 10.

As usual, the season’s battle pass features 35 tiers with rewards to earn for every 10 crowns acquired. After players reach the highest tier, any extra crowns earned will be put in the bonus bank for up to an additional 10,000 gold. The total sum will be open to claim after the season has ended.

The Frozen Peak season smoothly ushers in the new year for Clash Royale with only some slight changes. No new card has joined the game and the Mother Witch will keep her boost throughout season 19, alongside the Ice Wizard.

Meanwhile, the final race of the Clan Wars has started and the Ice Wizard Draft Challenge has been opened for four days. It features a free entry and will reward players who win nine games with one Ice Wizard card. Four losses, however, will disqualify the player. They’ll have to enter the challenge and go through the nine games again.

For the first 24 hours of the season, the opening time of chests is divided in half. The boost rewards players who log in on the season’s launch day.

As part of Clash Royale‘s new approach to balance changes, the meta hasn’t been adjusted yet. Players will have to wait until March to see a meta overhaul.