Clash Royale to shift to quarterly balance changes

Balance changes will be made every three months instead of every month.

Image via Supercell

Beginning in 2021, Clash Royale will get new balance changes every three months instead of the usual monthly changes, according to Clash Royale analytics site Royale API.

Supercell will now be balancing 10-20 cards every three months instead of tweaking around five cards every month. Royale API has listed some reasons as to why Supercell took this step to increase the time between balance changes.

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Player Progression

Supercell said that for the majority of players, these balance changes aren’t “exciting.”

Many players quit playing Clash Royale because a card in their usual deck is nerfed with an update. Transitioning over to a new deck and maxing all the cards on it takes a lot of time, and there is no guarantee that the new deck adopted by a player can’t get nerfed in future changes.

Balance changes happening every three months will fix this problem for some players. Supercell has also said that it will be overhauling Clash Roayle’s progression system in Q1 2021.

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Development Time

Supercell felt that the balance changes could sometimes become a burden to the development team instead of something that should be done to fix problematic cards.

The company will be employing the time it saves from now doing quarterly balance changes into other stuff like improving the game.

If you’re worried that an overpowered or over-nerfed card may be left in the game for three months due to balance changes happening every three months, don’t worry. Supercell has said that in this case, a balance change will be made quickly to address any problematic cards.