Clash Royale releases optional update with bug fixes

Dozens of bugs were fixed in this update.

Image via Supercell

Supercell introduced an optional update for Clash Royale to fix numerous bugs earlier today. Most of the bug fixes are related to the Clan Wars 2.0 features. Some others may also have been caused by the release of the latest patch, which introduced the new season, Set Sail for War.

Players can update their game through their mobile device’s store since the game won’t notify them that the update is available.

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Here are all of the bugs fixed by the update.

Boat Battles

  • Boat Defenses now match card levels of the deck of defending players
  • The end screen when a Boat Battle is lost is no longer missing Fame points
  • Bug fixed where Gold reward on Boat Battle end screen didn’t match actual value awarded
  • Bug fixed where Testing Boat Defenses when your Defenses were destroyed used Princess Towers
  • Max defense capacity can no longer exceed Boat Defense by tapping save at the same time on two accounts in the same Clan
  • Multiple players can now add Boat Defenses at the same time without blocking all defense slots
  • ‘Add Defenses’ button is now greyed out when the defenses are full
  • Bug fixed where Defense Destroyed notification wasn’t given to a player when he returned to Boat Attack screen after destroying a Boat Defense

River Race

  • Where there are no Boat Defenses, “Matchmaking Failed” text is now more descriptive
  • Fixed a bug where Music in Duels didn’t last throughout full match
  • The overtime music played when Going into overtime in a Duel now stops throughout subsequent battles
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking a new card from the Trader did not show in a player’s Card Collection until restarting the game
  • Gold rewarded for Duels is now the correct amount
  • Clan War ending now has a countdown
  • Bug where players were being stuck in the end of a river section now fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the correct chest wasn’t awarded at the end of a river section
  • Fixed a bug where a tiebreaker could award incorrect win to a player in Duels

Clan Tab

  • Bug where tapping the Clan button didn’t switch between War and Chat views fixed
  • Chat message text is now one point bigger
  • The display issue where Clan could only be seen as Ope or Closed is fixed, meaning the clan can now be set to ‘Invite Only’
  • Fixed a bug where clan tag didn’t scale correctly and overlapped other UI elements

General fixes

  • Improvement of Pass Royale Queue Chest and Open Now buttons UI
  • Fixed a bug where players could enter 2v2 without a full deck
  • Fix of the friend button UI in Tencent build
  • Fixed a crash which occured when the player tried to create a Clan Trade when the active battle deck had empty slots
  • Fixed a bug where Cloned Skeleton Barrel didn’t function correctly
  • Client crash fixed when there was a Clan Wars 2 tutorial with the pointing finger visible
  • Players can no longer see inbox view of other players when they had something new in their inbox
  • Fixed a bug where ‘ghost notifications’ sometimes appeared for Emotes & Tower Skins
  • Fixed a bug where checkmark appeared under Pass Royale free Tower Skin Reward Tier
  • Copying a War Deck no longer give the message TID_DEEPLINK_EXPIRED
  • Fixed a bug where Android build requested camera permission
  • Fixed a bug where Wechat couldn’t launch a game without requiring multiple logins
  • Fixed Lightning Strike icon on the Pass Royale free Tower Skin Reward Tier
  • Max card stacks are less likely to appear in Daily Gift for King Level 13 players with a gold/Star Point equivalent
  • Update introduced on game texts and localisations

For a better game experience, it’s highly recommended that you download this update. The complete notes can also be found in the News tab of the game and the update necessitates only around 17 Mb of space.

The latest Clash Royale season launched on Sept. 7 and brought a new Royale Pass, as well as some balance changes. But the biggest changes were introduced before with the new version of Clan Wars at the end of August, which reworked the whole system of Clans and brought some changes to the progression of cards.