Clan Wars 2.0 introduced in latest Clash Royale update

It's bringing a whole new experience for clans.

Image via Supercell

An update went live in Clash Royale earlier today to officially launch Clan Wars 2. The logo of the game was also changed, so don’t panic if you don’t find the icon on your phone right away.

Supercell announced the news with a glorious trailer, as well as a gameplay trailer to show what’s set to come.

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The trailer features a shaky launch for Clan Wars 2 as a goblin tries to disrupt the party by starting a “karaoke nite” with the famous song by Haddaway, “What is Love.” The king then blows up his balloon to regain all the attention of the clans, which also fails but starts the war nonetheless.

Week one of the River Race was launched earlier today in the Clans tab. To win, you must move your Clan Boat by earning fame from River Tasks. Those tasks can be picked up by tapping on a crossed-swords sign on the shore. You can choose the task you want to complete on the left or right shore. While classic one-vs-one and best-of-three matches are the only options today, new game modes will be introduced later.

The first clan to reach the finish line will win the race and the members of that clan will be rewarded with a chest full of items, as well as trophies, which are used to advance in the Clan War leagues. But before that, a defensive phase lets clan members complete tasks to build up the defense on their boat before it advances. A protective shield will then fall and all boats will be able to get attacked at the same time, which is why this step is crucial to get ahead in the race.

Screengrab via Clash Royale

To start competing in the Clan Wars, four War Decks must be built with your cards. They can be built randomly with a magic wand if you don’t want to take time to build them carefully or if you want one out of four well-built and the others only as backups. You can share your deck with the other members of your clan if you’re certain it’s the best one to succeed. The magic wand will build a deck around a four average elixir cost.

To add some spice, a trader will offer different cards to trade in your deck every day. They can be accessed by tapping on the two-card logo on the left shore.

Meanwhile, Clash Royale players will be able to open a free Legendary King’s Chest in the shop only today as compensation for any unfinished quest rewards, which includes 360 cards and 4,300 gold.

While Clan Wars 2 officially launched, season 14 of Clash Royale only has six days left before ending. It’s the best time to earn those trophies to level up the royale pass of this season before it’s reset.