Clash Royale hints at Heal card removal

Will the Healing Spirit be introduced into the game?

Image via Supercell

An image showing a broken healing potion was posted on Clash Royale‘s Twitter earlier today. It might hint at the removal of the Heal card, which could be replaced by the Healing Spirit, a leaked card design.

The image clearly shows the healing potion and the “F” refers to the meme “press F to pay respects,” which appeared in a funeral scene during Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The message is clear—the Heal card is dead.

Heal is a one-mana card that heals most units in its radius, except building cards. It can bring back some HP inflicted by the Poison card. Since its release in 2017, it’s struggled to be picked in competitive matches, however. This card was repeatedly buffed, but it’s still rarely seen in decks.

The card will seemingly be soon removed from the game, but its mechanic might be used to build another card, the Healing Spirit. This card would create a spirit that would run to the closest enemy and, after dying to it, heal all units around it.

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The new image reportedly hinted at this card by showing an almost invisible spirit with two eyes on the right side, like the potion would have freed a spirit by breaking.

Season 10 of Clash Royale will be released in April. This card change might be one of the major features that the upcoming season could bring to the game.