Brawl Stars maintenance adds sanctions against Power League matchmaking abusers

These changes should now be in effect.

Image via Supercell

A few days after the new Power League system joined Brawl Stars as its competitive game mode, a period of maintenance hit the live servers today to rapidly introduce penalties to prevent players from abusing the matchmaking system.

The Power League system features a draft phase where a map and game mode are randomly selected. Once it’s done, the team leader bans one brawler and each player can pick their characters one after the other.

When some players see that the enemy’s team composition is stronger than theirs, they leave the game to try to avoid losing points. That’s unfair to the other players who have to play a game without their ally and therefore have an increased chance of losing.

From now on, players who systematically leave Power League matches during the draft phase will be sanctioned with gradually-increasing penalties, Supercell announced.

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Players shouldn’t worry about sanctions if they accidentally get disconnected from the game due to network issues, according to Supercell. “You don’t need to worry if you get occasionally disconnected from the game,” Supercell said. “But if that becomes a fairly frequent pattern, then it might also be giving a very bad experience to your teammates.”

Supercell already fixed other bugs shorty after the Power League system was introduced on March 17.

With this urgent maintenance, Supercell also fixed matchmaking to allow solo players to face off against players closer to their ranks. It also fixed a bug that “prevented Mortis from destroying decorations (bones, candles, vases…) with his main attack.”