New World Harvesting guide: tips and tricks

Should be a bountiful harvest this year.

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The resources of Aeternum are up for grabs, and New World‘s robust crafting system providing a plethora of ways for you to refine those resources into weapons, armor, tools, and much more.

The foundation of the New World trade skill system is the gathering skills, and one of those that will get plenty of use during your time playing is Harvesting. Harvesting is the gathering of plants and crops, and it’s vital to crafting virtually all types of items.

Here’s our full guide to Harvesting in New World, including the basic fundamentals and some more advanced tips and tricks.

The basics of Harvesting in New World

All you need to harvest in New World is an equipped sickle and a harvestable plant. The most basic sickle can be constructed with a single piece of Green Wood and Flint, but a better iron sickle can be made at any Engineering level with seven Iron Ingots, two pieces of Timber, and one piece of Coarse Leather. As you improve Engineering, you can craft better sickles.

The three primary resources you gather with Harvesting are Hemp, Herbs, and farm plants. Hemp is most popular in grassland areas, and provides Fibers used to craft cloth needed for weapons, armor, and tools. Herbs can be found almost anywhere and are used as ingredients in cooking and potion recipes. Farm plants can be found at any farmstead landmark, and are used in cooking recipes.

Harvesting Levels

As you harvest items, your Harvesting skill level will increase, allowing you to harvest higher-quality resources like magical plants. It will also let you track other resources based on your level. Here are the skill level milestones you can reach with Harvesting, and the rewards that come with them:

  • Level 20: Farm Plants can be tracked with the compass.
  • Level 25: Hemp can be tracked.
  • Level 30: Magical plants can be harvested.
  • Level 45: Magical plants can be tracked.
  • Level 100: Silkweed can be gathered.
  • Level 125: Silkweed can be tracked.
  • Level 175: Wirefiber can be gathered and magical creatures can be tracked.
  • Level 200: Wirefiber can be tracked.

Harvesting tips and tricks

Don’t refine your fibers gathered from hemp right away. Sometimes, town boards will have quests that give you a work order to craft a cache of armor, and these caches require raw materials. Always check your town board before refining your raw materials.

If you’ve got coins filling your pockets, check out the Trading Post for higher-quality sickles that provide different buffs like durability, resource weight reduction, or increased chance of rare items.

Corn is the most valuable farm plant you can harvest, since it’s a pivotal part of the Cooked Corn or Cornbread recipes, which drastically increases your Luck when Harvesting. Increased Luck means an increased chance at rare materials.

Use interactive maps to quickly find large troves of hemp, herbs, or farm plants. Prioritize the resource gathering speed upgrade when you get territory standing level-ups to gather them more quickly or go with storage for extra space to stash your gains.