Interactive New World maps to help you complete quests faster

Here's where you go now.

Image via Amazon Games

When you first load into New World with your character, you’ll start in a small area. The map may seem small to you at first since you’ll be adventuring in a relatively closed part of the world as a beginner. Even without completing all the starting quests, players can venture into the wild parts of the map, but it’s easy to get lost in the process.

New World’s map is massive, and you’ll find yourself traveling all around the world throughout your journey. Whether it’s for a quest or to capture a Settlement with your Company, you’ll explore the map one way or another.

Though most challenges guide players around the map and help them navigate toward their target, getting extra help from the map wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Like Fortnite’s interactive online map, New World fans also came up with their own version of the game’s epic landscape, marking all the essentials players may need.’s New World interactive map will help you find everything you need since it showcases the entire playable area, filled with essential landmarks, chests, and bosses. A map like this will reduce the overall time it takes to explore to complete a quest which can help you level up your character faster.

In a similar vein, Ato, NewWorldFans, and StudioLoot’s New World interactive map can show you the location of harvesting nodes, crafting, fishing, creatures, and NPCs—all in an easy-to-use interface.

If you’re looking for an artistic take on New World’s map, the developers also have you covered on that end since there’s an interactive version of the map on New World’s website as well. The official interactive map features fewer spoilers, making it the perfect choice for players who’d like to preserve the element of surprise.