How to track resources in New World

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Image via Amazon Games

Gathering resources is perhaps the most crucial element of Amazon’s MMO New World, and early on in the game’s life, there is going to be massive competition for things like herbing and mining nodes.

While it’s going to be difficult to get everything that you need no matter what, being able to track certain resources could be the difference between getting to a node in time and losing it to someone else.

Though you can’t automatically track any resources at the start of the game, you can learn the ability to do so for various different trees, mining nodes, and herbs by leveling up the specific skill required to farm them.

For instance, you can learn to track iron or silver by leveling up your Mining, and you can track hemp or silkweed by leveling Harvesting.

As you level up, you learn the ability to track resources via the compass that spans the top of your screen.

Here is a list of when you can begin tracking specific resources across different professions:


  • 125 – Wyrdwood
  • 200 – Ironwood


  • 25 – Iron
  • 35 – Silver
  • 45 – Oil
  • 70 – Gold
  • 75 – Alchemy Stones
  • 125 – Starmetal
  • 155 – Lodestone
  • 135 – Platinum
  • 200 – Orichalcum


  • 20 – Farm Plants
  • 25 – Hemp
  • 45 – Magical Plants
  • 125 – Silkweed
  • 175 – Magical Creatures
  • 200 – Wirefiber