Zven, Tactical, and FBI finish 2021 LCS Lock In with the most kills in the tournament

It was a great tournament for the bottom lane carries of the LCS.

Photo via Riot Games

After a hectic set of League of Legends games this past weekend, the first LCS Lock In event finally finished yesterday with Team Liquid standing tall as the best team in the league. As far as AD carries go, however, there were three players who stood out with the most kills in the tournament: Cloud9’s Zven, Liquid’s Tactical, and 100 Thieves’ FBI.

All three of the players’ teams were successful throughout the Lock In tournament since each roster only dropped one game in the group stage. Each team also got through to the semifinals of the event with relative ease, with C9 being the only squad to lose a game in the quarterfinals.

Zven led all players with 87 kills through 17 games, with only 26 deaths and 77 assists, according to Oracle’s Elixir. His play was essential to C9’s success, especially in their games against TSM and 100 Thieves. Although C9 ended up losing to Liquid in the finals, he helped lead the team’s comeback in games three and four, making it an exciting five-game series from start to finish.

Meanwhile, Tactical was huge for Liquid in many key moments during the tournament and had 70 kills to show for his efforts. He had 10 more deaths than Zven but was still one of the most reliable carries that his team could lean on.

FBI has been one of the rising stars of the league since his breakout season last summer and he showed off more of his growth during the Lock In tournament. He and his team might have been eliminated by C9 in the semifinals, but that didn’t stop him from ending with 62 kills and 55 assists. He also had the highest kill participation percentage of the three top players.

When the 2021 LCS Spring Split begins on Feb. 5, look for these three stars to ramp up their play and continue their domination in the bottom lane.

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