Yone and Yasuo League duo fall victim to Gragas outplay

All of their efforts reaped rewards for the enemy team.

Image via Riot Games

A few League of Legends players using the game’s infamous blade brothers had their hopes thrashed right before their eyes in a recent game all thanks to a body slam and a keg.

A bot lane duo of Yone and Yasuo found themselves facing Tristana and Gragas—an unconventional duo against a more streamlined one. The brothers are traditionally played in the mid lane, but their synergy with one another occasionally reaps rewards in the bot lane.

Both Yone and Yasuo are known to engage heavily on their opponents and capitalize on any opportunity. So when Gragas ventured too far from under his turret, the two tried to seize the chance for a free kill.

But all they got from their efforts were their own deaths and tilt.

The brothers both successfully landed their empowered Qs on the Gragas, allowing Yasuo to activate his ultimate followed by Yone doing the same. But a simple E from Gragas after being sent back down to the ground, on top of a pre-charged W, threw the duo straight under the enemy tower. This was the opportune moment for Tristana to jump behind them and get a free double kill, while Gragas walked away with just a sliver of HP and a huge smile on his face.

Sometimes aggressive plays like these are rewarded, but the missing pings after the deaths of Yone and Yasuo show that in this moment, the brothers of outplays were outplayed themselves.

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