Xpecial joins Harrisburg University as full-time League coach

One of League’s oldest veterans is taking on a role developing the game's newest talent.

Photo via Riot Games

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Alex “Xpecial” Chu, formerly of TSM, Team Liquid, and Golden Guardians, has joined Harrisburg University full-time to lead the school’s varsity League of Legends team. He’s been working remotely for the team over the last six months, helping them come in third place at the 2019 East Conference Playoffs.

Harrisburg’s director of esports, Chad Smeltz, said that moving Xpecial to Harrisburg was a special opportunity for the collegiate team to work alongside one of the game’s best players.

“Coming to the Storm team from a professional background allows Xpecial to bring his precision, experience, and discipline to this young, enthusiastic team,” Smeltz said. “Working with the team remotely has already proved to be effective, but having him here, in our town, is going to get us that Championship title we want.”

The team’s jungler, Ryan “ShorterAce” Nget, said that “having Xpecial full time, in-person, is pretty unreal.”

“The experience he brings to the team has already helped us make a lot of progress in the last semester,” ShorterAce said. “Having him in-person for the upcoming year will only make us that much stronger and go even further together.”

Xpecial played at three World Championships with TSM, placing third in season one, fifth in season two, and 11th in season three. But this isn’t his first time as a coach since his playing days ended.

The experienced support player helped lead Golden Guardians during the 2018 LCS Summer Split. Now, however, Xpecial will be able to lead a new generation of League talent and shape the future of the game’s brightest stars.