WildTurtle out: FlyQuest swaps ADCs for week 2 of LCS Summer Split

Mash takes the starting spot for the time being.

Photo via Riot Games

FlyQuest is demoting its longtime starting AD carry to its Academy League of Legends roster this weekend.

Just one hour before its next Academy match today, the organization revealed the roster swap, promoting Mash to its LCS lineup. As a result, WildTurtle, the captain of FlyQuest, is commanding the FlyQuest Academy squad for the weekend.

WildTurtle started off the 2020 LCS Summer Split with a 10 KDA average. While his team went 1-1 in the first week, WildTurtle showed relatively strong performances against Cloud9 and Immortals, going 3/2/5 and 5/0/7, respectively.

Mash is a longtime veteran in the scene, boasting a League career of nine years. He last appeared in North America’s premier league in 2017 with Echo Fox. It’s been nearly three years since Mash’s last appearance in the LCS.

WildTurtle and FlyQuest Academy will face TSM Academy today at 5pm CT. Mash joins FlyQuest’s LCS roster against TSM on Saturday, June 20 at 4pm CT.

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