Why Lucian/Nami is one of the most powerful bottom lane duos in competitive League of Legends

The Purifier and the Tidecaller make for an unrivaled combination in the bottom lane.

Image via Riot Games

Of all the bottom lane pairings in competitive League of Legends, none pack as much of a punch as Lucian and Nami. The two champions, when combined, make for one of the most efficient bottom lane duos in the game. 

You’ve likely seen Lucian and Nami together in the bottom lane in some capacity since the lane came to prominence in late 2021. Whether it’s on the professional stage or in your solo queue games, the Lucian/Nami duo lane is a significant force in competitive League

Here’s why the two champions are so valuable when paired together.  

Lucian’s new passive effect: Vigilance

Image via Riot Games

In Patch 11.17, a new effect was added to Lucian’s passive, Lightslinger. This extra portion of his passive, called “Vigilance,” makes it so that every time Lucian is buffed or healed by an allied champion, his next two auto attacks deal bonus damage. The bonus damage also applies to turrets and structures, giving the champion extra pushing power as well. 

Nami is the champion who’s most effectively able to trigger Lucian’s Vigilance passive frequently since all of her abilities heal and buff allied champions. The easiest way to maximize the Lucian/Nami combo is through Nami’s most direct buffing ability, Tidecaller’s Blessing (E). The ability causes the affected champion to deal bonus magic damage with their next three attacks, synergizing perfectly with the bonus damage caused by Lucian’s Vigilance passive. 

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Even offensive abilities like Aqua Prison (Q) and Tidal Wave (R) can proc Lucian’s passive and empower his next attacks since they increase the movement speed of any allies that they come in contact with thanks to her passive, Surging Tides. 

Lucian and Nami’s competitive strength

Together, Lucian and Nami put out more damage than most other bottom lane pairings in the game, especially when the Nami player in the lane buffs Lucian with Tidecaller’s Blessing (E). Beyond their raw damage, though, they have an added element of survivability and sustain through the use of Nami’s main source of healing, Ebb and Flow (W), which also procs Lucian’s Vigilance buff.  

So far through the 2022 Summer Split, Lucian and Nami have appeared in approximately 15 percent of all games together across the professional scene’s four major regions, according to League stats site Games of Legends.  

League Patch 12.13 is scheduled to release on July 13, with no changes slated for either Lucian or Nami.