When does Renata Glasc release in League of Legends?

The new support is hours away from going live.

Image via Riot Games

On Feb. 16, the League of Legends community saw the release of Patch 12.4. With it, many champions, including Dr. Mundo, Qiyana, and Zeri were hit with the nerf hammer, while others, like Ashe, Rumble, and Lucian, saw buffs. But the update also brings a new champion to the game: Renata Glasc.

She’s the 159th champion to join Summoner’s Rift and has the title of Baroness of Chemicals. According to her official biography, she’s the founder of Glasc Industries, a company based in Zaun whose goal is to “improve lives”. In League, Renata is designed to be a support champion. You can find her abilities here.

With Patch 12.4 hitting the live servers, many players have been wondering when Renata will finally join the game. The new champion is expected to go live on Thursday, Feb. 17, according to Riot. A specific time for her release, though, has yet to be revealed.

Zeri, who was released just a month ago, went live at approximately 4pm CT on Jan. 20. If her recent release is anything to go by, Renata will also probably go live around that time on Thursday evening in the U.S.