When does the Worlds 2019 Pick’em go live?

And will anyone win this year?

Image via Riot Games

Preparations for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship have begun. The groups have been drawn, the stage has been set, and the players are ready. But what about the Pick’em?

Last year’s Pick’em Challenge was an absolute mess. The South Korean defending champions failed miserably on all fronts before the Chinese favorites dropped out in the quarterfinals. 

In the end, the second-seeded LPL team and the European hopefuls were left to scrap it out in the finals. Invictus Gaming won, crushing Fnatic and surprising everyone.

No one predicted what would happen in the tournament, leaving the Pick’em rewards totally unclaimed.

But that was last year—this year may be an entirely different story.

What is the Pick’em Challenge?

League’s take on a Pick’em is relatively straightforward. It’s all about the power of predictions. 

Once the brackets have been drawn and the full schedule has been released, you have the opportunity to pick each of the matchups and predict who you think will win.

There’s a couple of icons available for participating, but most importantly, if you guess every single match correctly, you’ll win a set of five ultimate skins.

Predicting isn’t always as easy as it sounds, though. Even if you’re a League connoisseur, you’ll need a lot of luck to get them all right. You can’t just guess the finals, either. You’ll need to correctly predict the winner of each of the four groups, the knockout stage, and the grand finals.

2019 Worlds groups

Screengrab via Riot Games

Here are the brackets for the group stage of the competition. Four more play-in stage teams are yet to be placed in a pool.

When does the Pick’em go live?

You can fill out your group stage predictions on Oct. 9 when the Pick’em Challenge goes live.