We finally know why Riot isn’t permabanning feeders and trolls in LoL

At least we know now.

The splash art for Omega Squad Twitch, depicting the Plague Rat in a type of hazmat suit.
Image via Riot Games

Feeding and trolling have become a regular occurrence in League of Legends, but there isn’t much you can do to battle it, except for reporting these players. We’ve been wondering why Riot Games hasn’t done more to combat this behavior, and now we know.

On Sept. 13, a player created a post on League’s subreddit saying feeding and trolling should be permabannable. Another player perfectly broke down the biggest issue devs have when finding ways to punish toxic players:

“The issue isn’t the severity, it’s the detection. It’s hard to write a system that detects this behavior without banning innocent players,” they said.

Riot Haunted Fork commented on the post, confirming this is the biggest obstacle the devs encounter and agreeing this behavior is worthy of a permaban.

If you’re still a sweet summer child and you don’t know what this type of behavior entails, let me break it down for you. Feeding is a term that refers to the act of giving the enemy team any kind of an advantage, namely by dying.

Trolling, on the other hand, is a wider term and it’s essentially any form of behavior done intentionally to set back your team. The best examples would be not participating in fights intentionally, stealing farm as your carries approach it, and ignoring ganks and skirmishes because you’re upset.

The devs, however, are introducing stricter measures to counter trolls and griefers that will time them out of the ranked queue for five games. This means you’ll have to earn back Riot’s trust before you can go back to Summoner’s Rift.

Overall, these changes should slightly improve the state of the game, but until Riot finds a way to punish toxic behavior once and for all, League still won’t be the healthiest gaming environment. 

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