Viego player scores two ludicrous pentakills in League of Legends

Is this why people hate the champ so much?

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends always has a champion that is widely considered to be overpowered or just plain annoying by the community. For the past months, Viego has been that champion.

And it’s no wonder. A player called Packevonasia showed us exactly why people dislike the Ruined King in a clip on League’s subreddit.

The clip begins with Viego and his teammate Bard setting themselves up to steal the Infernal Drake. The rest of their team are dead at this point, so they can’t count on backup. But when they’re discovered in a nearby brush by the enemy Akali, a series of events are set in motion.

The opposing team focuses on Viego and Bard before finishing off the dragon. But Akali quickly meets her own demise—a sign of what was about to happen to the rest of her teammates.

Leona, Talon, and Viktor surround Viego and Bard and unleash their abilities on the champions. But, with the help of Viego’s Sovereign’s Domination (passive) and Heartbreaker (R), the Ruined King survives the attempted onslaught before picking off the team one by one.

Leona is the second champion to fall, followed by Talon, who loses his life in seconds. Viktor tries to save himself with Zhonya’s Hourglass, prompting Viego to turn around and take out Jhin. When Viktor returns from his golden sanctuary, he too loses his life, completing the pentakill.

Later on, the action switches to another game, which is just as deadly. At this point, Viego has already downed the enemy Urgot and taken control of his body. He chases Lillia and closes the gap with Disdain (E) and his ultimate, ending her life. He then continues seizing control of his enemies, bursting down Morgana with Lillia’s abilities.

The enemy Xerath then runs for the hills but is caught out with Dark Binding (Q), leading to a quick and clean death. Last but not least is Jhin, who appears to have found a route to safety. But Viego closes the distance with Heartbreaker and finishes the champion under the tower.

If you thought that Viego’s nerfs were enough, you were wrong. The Ruined King still has the potential to be one of the most powerful champions in Summoner’s Rift.

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